About Travis Kelly

I grew up in the suburbs around Ft. Worth/Dallas, Texas, escaping to the oasis of Austin for 8 years, where I was beknighted with a BA in Art from the University of Texas. After working as an art director for Dallas ad agencies, I escaped again to Tucson and the University of Arizona, earning an MFA degree in Painting and Drawing.

For the past 25 years, I’ve worked mainly as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, webmaster, professional writer, art teacher, and award-winning cartoonist. Now I'm focusing more of my time on my own artwork, mostly digital. I work in three modes: Truth, Beauty, Comedy. Truth involves social and political commentary, and sometimes personal expression. Beauty is the purely aesthetic realm; both art and math can be beautiful — together, they form the new digital art realm. I often use fractals in my more abstract work. Comedy keeps us sane on a planet rocked by asymptotic change — the brave but distressing new CryptoCovid world. Together, Comedy plus Truth forge satire.

Once you go 'bent, you never go back!