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The DOD has commited to "owning the weather" as a weapon by 2024. Are chemtrails a covert weather modication experiment by the military, an unacknowledgd global warming mitigation program, or something else?

Chemtrails: More Proof (PDF)
Hustler, Holiday 2010

Since 1998, citizen observers, scientists and activists have been reporting on what appears to be a covert program of atmospheric spraying by fleets of military tanker planes over the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world. Dismissed as "conspiracy theorists" mistaking normal jet contrails for some secret evil, the activists adduce a growing body of evidence to support their claims: normal jet contrails persist for only 20 minutes on average, whereas chemtrails often linger from horizon to horizon and spread out to form artificial cirrus clouds. Lab-tested soil and water samples taken on Mt. Shasta in California have shown an astounding increase in levels of barium and aluminum oxide after spraying…

continued... (PDF)

The simple bicycle was invented way late — only after one of the worst natural catastrophes in the history of civiization.

Bicycle Liberation (PDF)
Grand Junction Free Press

One of the great wonders of human history is how the humble bicycle was not invented until the 19th century, while the basic principle — a two-wheeled vehicle — was created 5000 years beforehand. That's a very long R&D gap. It took the greatest natural catastrophe in civilization to finally spur the leap from cart and chariot to the bicycle  — the explosion of Tambora in 1815.

The largest recorded volcanic eruption, Tambora killed 71,000 people directly and created a "volcanic winter" in 1816, the "year without a summer," resulting in the worst famine of the 19th century. Crops failed and livestock starved across the Northern Hemisphere. Not only the food supply, but also Europe's whole transportation network was devastated. This led a German civil servant, Karl von Drais, to think of a mechanical replacement for the horse...


Two years before Edward Snowden, we uncovered Google's secretive co-operation with the NSA, CIA, and leading defense contractors.

Google, Cloud Computing and the Surveillance-Industrial Complex (PDF)
CounterPunch Newsletter, and Mag-Lite, Japan with Christopher Ketcham

In June 2007, Privacy International, a U.K.-based privacy rights watch-dog, cited Google as the worst privacy offender among 23 online companies, ranking the “Don’t Be Evil” people below Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook and AOL. According to the report, no other company was “coming close to achieving [Google’s] status as an endemic threat to privacy.” What most disturbed the authors was Google’s “increasing ability to deep-drill into the minutiae of a user’s life and lifestyle choices.” The result: “the most onerous privacy environment on the Internet.” …

continued… (PDF)

The Military-Industrial Complex's seminal coup against peace and disarmament

Mayday, 1960: The U2 Files
Counterpunch online

In an editorial penned on November 20 at, “What Obama Is Up Against,” veteran reporter Russ Baker recounts a brief history of Pentagon/CIA skullduggery and deception against presidents from Eisenhower onward, as prologue to the dilemma that Obama now finds himself in, with Gen. Stanley McCrystal publicly demanding several thousand more troops for the war in Afghanistan -- “like Vietnam without the napalm,” in the words of an Army trooper. Referring to the famous military-industrial complex speech, Baker concludes…


Will we finally pass a sensible Farm Bill?
High Country News

The recurring Farm Bill that Congress has been wrangling over lately has long been viewed as a mess by most disinterested observers. The farm assistance program was begun during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression as an emergency measure to save devastated family farmers who then supplied most of the nation’s food; it was never meant to be permanent.

But permanent it has become with a few hogzillas addicted to fattening at the trough. The Colorado Public Interest Research Group reports that since 1995, 75 percent of farm subsidies have gone to the top 3.8 percent of producers — agricultural giants like Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill and Monsanto, who are, of course, in dire need of funds to patch all those creaky shacks on the great plains and replace all those mule teams killed by tornados and dust storms. Sixty-two percent of farmers got diddly-squat...


Health care reform: A chronic national malady
High Country News

The error-prone website for the Affordable Care Act website is causing considerable glee to critics who like to believe that the federal government can do nothing right, or at least not as efficiently as the private sector.

If fixes are not forthcoming, the rollout glitches and botched assurances might eventually do what the Tea Party's attempt to shut down the federal government didn't -- crash the whole Obamacare program. But if that happens, where will we be?

I’ve done a little research, and the numbers show that Americans would be stuck with the industrialized world's most expensive health care. A Bloomberg study rated the United States as 46th in the world for efficiency, which puts us behind Romania and Iran...


Confessions of a Liberal Gun Nut (PDF)
Hustler, Feb., 2011

No, it’s not an oxymoron, or at least I’m not an oxy-moron, but I am a member of America’s most closeted and underestimated minority -- liberals who own guns. Mostly, but not exclusively, guys, of course. In this context, “concealed carry” means hiding it from a wife or lover who might not share the same fascination exactly. For many, it would be equivalent to discovering her man with another woman, or some other mammal in the bedroom…

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A website client was belaeguered by the gutter tactics of a ruthless competitor. This copy on his "Why Choose Us" page turned the dirty competitor's tactics against him:
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